The Maggie Fw-16 collection "the innovative interpretation of a geometrical seduction".

Feminin with a subtle touch of Androgynism the new Maggie Fw-16 collection shows an Elegant tentalizing mix of high quality Jeans wear and Premium streetwear. Maggie underlines with the new Fw-16 collection the new direction of the brand and its clear focus on Feminin Denim and Jeanswear. Maggie achieved well visible its goal and presented a beautifull Denim stand alone collection which is in perfect harmony with the ready to wear garments inside the offer. Sexy but always sensual the Maggie Denim offer presents besides the already well known and beloved Jeans new Denim made garments such as cute dresses, hot skirts, Jackets and new Shirt shapes and cuts. The collection was inspired by geometrical forms and architecture which have been brought in a sophisticated way to every garment using the latest print and cut and sew technologies. But yet not enough appart from using latest technologies for printing and confection Maggie has made and amazing step towards the ecosostiniblity of its Jeans production. Using the latest available Italian made laundry machines Maggie uses 80% less water while washing the Denim and the usage of chemicals for the vintage treatments for Maggies Denim offer was brought to almost 0 due to the most innovative laser technologies. The connection between Maggies Denim World and the ready to wear Fw-16 collection was achieved thru some cearfully picked fabrics which have been indigo dyed and washed after such as the super soft indigo fleece. The usage of some Made in Japan qualities such as the bonded striped felt/ denim fabric with quilt stitching make the difference and show Maggies affinity towards Denim. But not only the Jeans collection convinces with its wide variety of new fits and denim qualities as well Maggies ready to wear collection shows up with authentic felt qualities and woolen/brushed fabrics combined with super authentic eco leather styles. For sure a collection that when worn will give great satisfaction by discovering as well all the detailing and fine work brought to it. Every garment was studied with an added value to guarantee an unforgetable experience. The color palette goes from black to antracite, darke grey and light grey shades into caramel beige hues ending in pure white. Highlights are camine red and antic rose and petrol to indigo blue washed colors. The combination of shiny and matt shades creat a sophisticated and outstanding look.